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5 Days Of Christmas Animes!!! Pt. 3

22 Dec

Pt. 3!!!

Chrono Crusade!

Air Date: February 16, 2004

Episode: Season 1, Eps. 12 “Holy Night”

Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure, Drama, Steampunk, Supernatural

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

The anime starts off with Sister Rosette saving little Azmaria  from an embarrassing Christmas pageant rehearsal with the other Sisters to head off to a meeting with Sister Kate and Father Ewan. There with Chrono they learn of news that 3 agents have died in SFO from investigations into Aion which leads them to believe something important is going to happen on the west coast or it has already started.

Chrono Crusade Holy Night 1

This of course leads Sister Rosette to beg that they send her to SFO in the hope of finding a lead to her brother Joshua. After a heated debate with Sister Kate, she is finally allowed to go to SFO. She is in such a hurry to leave that she doesn’t realize that everyone is actually sad about her going and on top of it she is leaving before Christmas. Father Ewan asks her to stay for at least Christmas and after seeing the teary eyes of the other Sisters and the ok from Chrono, she decides to stay for Christmas which makes everyone happy. Except for Azmaria who reflects on her past Christmas memories all of which are not happy ones.

Chrono, Rosette and Azmaria are sent into the city to try and get Christmas donations which of course leads to Rosette making an ass of herself like usual and embarrassing everyone else lol. She actually ends up cornering people and in a polite way forcing them to cough up cash. There she runs into Satella who turns out to be filthy rich and donates a wad of cash!

Chrono Crusade Holy Night 2

Azmaria  shortly after springs on the group that she does/doesn’t believe in Santa and that he never visited because she was told she was bad. This shocks everyone and they tell her there is no way she is or was bad. Azmaria realizes at that moment that she has people that care about her she needs to buy gifts for this year! Never having had people to get gifts for she is clueless on where to start. She asks the Sisters for assistance and they get her, well, nowhere! She finally decides to go window shopping in the city to find her gifts.

In the process of her buying a present she had being eyeing for some time for Rosette, she ends up preforming a good deed much to the surprise of the shop owner. Afterwards she runs into Rosette and Chrono who are out delivering toys to the kids in town. During this she starts to realize what Christmas really means.

Chrono Crusade Holy Night 3

The best part of this episode is the end where everyone throws Azmaria  a surprise Christmas party with a huge banquet to show they care. Awww! So cute! :c)

My Time Spent Watching Anime

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Last Exile-Fam, The Silver Wing

20 Oct

Air Dates: Premiered in October 2011

Episodes: 26

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Steampunk

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars) [might change as the shows continues to air]

Just watched the first streamed episode on http://www.funimation.com/lastexile-fam-the-silver-wing/episode/open-file/sub. Not bad! Crazy odd though that none of the main characters from Last Exile are in this except for Dio. I really do not get it since the story line and everything are different. Heck I even think this is a different world which makes it even more confusing. Oh well. Guess I will see how this plays out…

Basically what I am getting from this is that one arc is about these people who are like pirates and follow a rule of first to harpoon a (ship) calls the shots on the battle. Second arc is about these princess sisters and some sort of sacred lake. The Ades Federation and Kingdom of Turan are set to declare peace over this lake but the Ades decides to declare war much to the surprise of  the Turan. Big air fight, tricks are played and the princess are (saved) by the pirates.

Interested in seeing how this plays out and I hope to god that they explain Dio’s presence.

Last Exile

20 Oct

Dates: April 7, 2003 – September 29, 2003

Episodes: 26

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Steampunk

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

Overall its a cute anime. I really like the ships and aerial stunts/fights. I personally think that the beginning took a bit to get situated to the main story line and it was a bit dragged out in the middle with a rush at the end. Granted I am not one for patience so some of these 26 episode shows kill me when they take forever to get to the point and cram it all into the last 2 episodes.

*Its been awhile since I have seen this anime so as far as characters and plot lines well, please forgive me for not putting any of it in since I don’t fully remember all the details aside from I liked it.


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