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Anime List for Halloween!!!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year! With that said I figured that I would post a list of some of the Anime that I have seen that I think fits perfectly with the holiday! They are in no specific order and I will also do reviews of them later. Like way later down the road since I still have a ton that I have yet to finish and post as it is! :c)

Witch Hunter Robin

  • Awesome witch anime! This is one of the first animes that I saw and watched from start to finish.

Shikabane Hime

  • Great anime about the undead that fight the undead!

Gantz (the movie)

  • Saw this when I was running the movies in the main room at AkiCon 2011 and this was good! Odd and creepy but good for Halloween. People that were supposed to die end up getting sucked up into the mess where they are given another chance at life only if they compete with other people in the same situation by killing off aliens.

Tokyo Majin

  • Short 12 eps anime about the reborn dead. They are not quite brain sucking zombies but the undead that have crazy powers.

Soul Eater

  • Deals with Lord Death, witches and has a general Halloween look to the design. This is not really a horror anime but more comedy and death.

Hell Girl

  • Damn creepy little girl that will grant your wish in exchange for her taking your soul and ferrying it to the afterlife in hell.

Death Note

  • Deceit, lying, scandals and murder! All based off a notebook!


  • If you want a vampire movie that is cute, this is the one! She is part of a vampire family but she is a bit different than the rest  since she doesn’t take blood she gives blood!

Blood +

  • Vampire

Blue Exorcist

  • Satan, demons, hell trying to rule earth… AWESOME anime!!!

High School of the Dead

  • ZOMBIES!!!


  • Undead and vampires

Trinity Blood

  • Alien type vampire

Paranoia Agent

  • A little kids that goes around attacking people with a golden baseball bat that are in some sort of mental crisis. Not your usual blood and gore but its a trippy anime based off of peoples fears.

High School Of The Dead

29 Oct

Air Dates: July 5, 2010 – September 20, 2010

Episodes: 12

Genre: Horror, Zombie, Action, Girls With Guns

My Rating: **** (5:5 stars)

With Halloween just around the corner I figured I would cover one of my fav horror/zombie anime’s High School Of The Dead!

This is one of my fav zombie animes! Heck I would even say this is better then some of the zombie movies!!! The mix if girls kicking some serious ass, guns, zombies and more zombies, makes for a fun show that is guaranteed to entertain anyone that watches it!

The main story, aside from the obvious zombie outbreak, is that there is a group of misfit teens that when the zombie out break hits their school end up teaming up with their school nurse to get to safety. With a arsenal of homemade weapons ranging from your basic baseball bat and wooden pole to a semi automatic nail gun, they make their way out of the school to one of the buses! They manage to escape to only find out the outbreak has not only hit the school but the whole town (and later discover the whole world has been infected). They decide to try and find their families but, as the story progress the outlook is bleak on any survivors. The town is over run and everywhere they turn is zombies. Yay! Zombies! One of the main characters, Rei, decides they should to go to the police station since her father is a detective. They all agree thinking that if any place was safe, the police station would be it.

As they fight through town and countless zombies, they end up getting separated when they stop to help at a bus that crashes in front of them. The bus is infested with zombies and quickly goes BOOM and up in flames. Rei and the other main character, Takashi, are other the opposite side of the bus when this happens and the rest of the group along with the bus is cut off from the two. They separate ways and agree to meet up at the police station.

Takashi ends up finding a bike and then him and Rei take off to fight their way through town. Both teams now are fighting for their lives nonstop to get across town and across the river to meet up at the police station. Once both groups manage to cross they meet up again before being able to get to the police station. At this time Shizuka, the school nurse, remembers that her friend has a place nearby and they take refuge there. This was a HUGE score for them because she had forgotten to mention that her friend was a member of the prefectural police Special Assault Team so her house is freakin loaded with weapons along with a military grade hummer.

After a much needed break, fan service moment for the boys, stocking up on supplies and weapons, the team heads off to try and make it out. As they are leavening they find a little girl that was just orphaned when a house of survivors killed her father thinking he was a zombie when he was only looking for a place to hide. The group saves the girl and they are off once again.

More fighting, more blood n gore, more zombies!

The group ends up next at another main characters, Saya’s, house. Well its more like a mansion and a compound then anything! Her father is a politician and her family is wealthy so they have been able to make a stand at their ‘house’ and fight off the zombies. They let everyone in and being the parents that they are, try and make Saya join their group that was going to try and break out of Japan to find a safe place. Saya and co. feel they have managed well so far on their own and dont like the way her parents are treating them (like kids that don’t have a choice in the matter) and running the compound. After a zombie attack that broke through the barrier and the kids fought side by side with the parents/adults, Saya’s mother and father gave her their blessing to make her own choice. Granted going with her fam would have been a not so bad idea since you know they had ALL the supplies and a small freakin army, but you have to respect the fact that Saya and everyone wanted to go forward on their own to find their own refuge.

Once again more fighting, more blood n gore, more zombies!

The shows ending blows cause all they do is show them outside of a deserted mall and looking like they were happy with their choice to stay together and make a start on their own. Rumor has it though that they are making a season 2 so that ending might not be so bad lol!


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