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Fairy Tale

24 Oct

Air Dates: October 12, 2009 – ongoing

Episodes: 102

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Magical

My Rating: ***** (5:5 stars) [might change as the shows continues to air]

Have to start of with I’m a sucker for magical animes!!! That in its self gives it 2 stars to start! Just watched the first couple of DUB’ed streamed episodes this week and I LOVE it!

Story line so far is your basic magical anime where magic is part of everyday life. There are guilds across the land that house magicians that work on their craft, find posted jobs that require magicians and just have a place to call home and hang out. The top guild that everyone wants to be in, especially one the main characters Lucy (who is a celestial wizard), is of course Fairy Tale. On her way to the guild she runs into trouble in a small town which leads her to the other main character,  Natsu, with his talking cat happy. As the story progress in the first two episodes she finds out Natsu is not only a member of Fairy Tale and her ticket in but, he is also a powerful fire magic user.

The third and fourth episode finally has the two of them teamed up and headed off to their first ‘mission/job’. Like any other magical anime there is plenty of antics that abound with each and every thing that happens. Also Lucy is a bit…high strung. Ok more than a little, a lot. Happy the talking cat is well, a talking cat. Natsu is a little coo-coo for coca puffs at times but generally not as annoying as you would think.

Definitely looking forward to see how this plays out!

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