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Anime For Valentines Day!!!

14 Feb

Anit Valentines Day

So I have to apologize. Its been more than a minute since I have been on here. :c) I have had a major case of writers block/side tracked by MAL. I have been working like crazy on 2 clubs (yes there is a shameless plug coming up) the Anime Bloggers Union and the Pacific NW Anime Club. Trying to take over both from people that haven’t been running it since like forever has been a task and a half lol!!!

Since I felt bad about neglecting my poor blog and the mini handful of readers that actually read this I decided to do a half and half Valentine’s Day Anime List! The reason I am calling it half and half is because half will be for you lovely dovey, card buying, oozing sappiness people. The other half will be for the people like me that think Valentine’s day is a joke of a holiday. I mean hell, you don’t even get the day off and I have to have people at work bug me for candy and I have to see pink everywhere. I HATE PINK! Yeah I’m a girl and I freakin hate pink with a passion.

To start the list, it will be for you people that love to love and love all things pink and red! :c)

1. Ouran High School Host Club

  • I love this anime! Too freaking cute and the different themes that the club puts on is awesome. The love story in it between Haruhi and Tamaki is also cute but really doesn’t come to a head until the end of the anime.

2. Honey and Clover

  • This a longer anime that follow a group of student through art school, graduating and work. There are numerous love triangles in this anime.

3. Fruits basket

Fruits Basket

  • One of my favorite animes and also features a live triangle. Great anime to watch but a word to the wise after the last episode you need to pick up the manga at where it left off to get the full ending.

4. Clannad and Clannad After Story

  • Supposed to be one the best love story anime’s out there. I have only started watching it and its cute. Don’t know if it would call it the best…

5. Paradise Kiss

  • Love, fashion, deceit, fashion, craziness and did I mention fashion? This was an awesome anime that seriously brought a tear to my eye with the ending.

6. Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

  • Love in the music word mixed with college life. You HAVE to watch the OVA in addition to the anime to get the actually ending. Odd how they worked that one but the story is cute and worth waiting to watch the OVA.

7. 5cm per second

5cm Per Second

  • This a short story anime film that is broken into 3 parts. With each part follow the main character through different stages in his life and the stages in his relationships.

The second half of the list is for you fellow anti-valentines day folks!

1. High School Of The Dead

Hish School Of The Dead

  • How can you beat a full worldwide outbreak of zombies?! GREAT relief to the valentine’s madness! There is even a love triangle mixed in!

2. School Rumble

School Rumble

  • Could have put this in the first half but the constant madness that is School Rumble makes it more of a laugh riot than anything else. The mistaken love interest and love triangles make for a very funny plot line!

3. Shikabane Hime

Shikabane Hime

  • Priest falling in love with dead girls that roam the world killing off demons and the possesed? Another great relief from the valentine’s madness lol!

4. Shiki


  • A story about a girl that is obsessed with a boy she meets and haunts him even after she dies. Throw in vampires and the undead and you have a great non fluffy romance/stalking story.

5. Dance In the Vampire Bund

Dance In The Vampire Bund

  • A love story between a werewolf and vampire surrounded by death and lies. You also get a story of a fight between vampire clans and a fight to the death between beast people.

6. Big O

Big O

  • No we are not talking about that O! The story revolves around a city that has lost their memories. All that is left are these big mechs that feel the need to beat the crap out of each other. There is also a love triangle between the main character, his android and a woman whos group she works for is working against him.

7. XXXHolic


  • Your avegage nerd that also happens to be plagued by seeing yōkai and ayakashi. He is in love with one of his classmates and does everything he can to fight the yōkai and ayakashi in order to get them to leave him alone so that he can try and pursue her. Well that’s at least the story in a nutshell from the romance point of view.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe valentines or anti-valentines day!


My Time Spent Watching Anime

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Dance In The Vampire Bund

24 Oct

Air Dates: January 7, 2010 –April 1, 2010

Episodes: 12

Genre: Vampire, Supernatural, Romance

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

OK let me start off with the fact that I would have so given this 5 stars had it not been a short 12 episode show. I freakin HATE 12 episode shows. Just when they have you hooked, BAM they are done. Lame to the max. Actually that’s more like serious lame sauce.

That aside, I really like this one. I used to not a big vampire fan. Don’t get me wrong I liked vampire stuff before but, I am no twi-heart. I like something that has more action to it and a darker side. This one is not as dark as say Trinity Blood but it’s not as light a Karin. Both of which I will do blogs on later.

So the Anime. It is centered around two young characters Mina and Akira. Mina is the supreme ruler of the vampire world and Akira is a teen that is driven to protect her after a chance meeting in the school yard but due to amnesia he doesn’t know why. As the story progresses parts of his memory come back and he learns that he is part of a werewolf clan that has sworn to protect Mina’s vampire clan. Akira has a special bond with Mina that is different from the other werewolf’s in the fact that he and her are in love. A forbidden love at that!

This part is a little um, yeah, creepy. She is in the body of a 12 year old girl but is really like hundreds of years old and most definitely talks like it which makes it a bit more creepy to hear some little girl talk about killing people, sex and running the vampire world. Add in her running around Akira naked and making advances whenever she can like sleeping in his bed makes you wanna go ewww. Akria is maybe 16/17 so when they are having their moments it really makes you wanna yak.

The reason behind her being in a young body is explained towards the end and also sheds some light on the reason why her and Akria’s love is forbidden. She along with 3 vampire men are considered the last true bloods. Her being the last female is supposed to take one of the nobles as her mate/husband to produce offspring and continue the line blah blah blah. This whole part is kinda like waaaaaay back in the day when women were considered really to marry and breed when aunt flow comes for the first time. This is why the 12 year old body. Every ten years she under goes a ‘inspection’ by some nasty creepy old hag in front of the other men to see if she is ‘ready’ and if she is she must pick one of them. I seriously wanted to reach through the TV and smack the crap out of the dudes and that old hag.

Back on topic. The second part of the story is that Mina wants to create a Vampire Bund (an island that only vampires can enter and exit) off the coast of Japan to one, create a place for vampires to live together in peace and two, to be close to Akira. Some people and vampires are against this and think that vampires should just rule the world. This causes a small war around the Bund and gives the nobles a chance to challenge Mina and her plans. Also they know about her relationship with Akira and challenge her on not picking a mate out of one of them. Hence the ‘inspection’.

Through the usual trials and tribulations, fights, payoffs (to the Japanese government), love triangles and vampire like things, Akira and Mina fight through it all to be together (at least for the time being). Awwwww! The ending was a bit sappy for me and it was another one of the ‘felt rushed to get it all crammed into 12 episodes’ shows but, overall it was good!

*On a small side note. The only dancing that was in this that I can remember was in like the last 5 minutes of the last episode. I am sure that there was more to the whole dancing part in the manga but as a general rule if I watch an anime I cant read the manga cause I will get pissed that stuff was changed or left out. If I read a manga I don’t really watch the anime for the same reason. Only a few are an exception to this like Beet the Vandal Buster or Tenma the Letter Bee.

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