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5 Days Of Christmas Animes!!!

20 Dec

So yeeeeaaaahhhh… It’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog. :c( Too many things going on good and bad, and not enough time for everything which means something’s fell by the wayside. Unfortunately one happened to be my blog. However in light of the upcoming new year (anyone that thinks the world ends Friday the 21st can suck it imo lol!!!) I have resolved to start working on it again. Which in my mind meant it was ok for me to buy myself a tablet on Thanksgiving under the premise that I was going to work on the blog from it and also work on my new shop on Etsy. :c) (Yes that is a shameless plug btw.)

Now that all of that is out of the way. I have decided to keep with the tradition of having my Christmas list of animes list like last years, The 12 Anime Days Of Christmas!!! This year we are going to do the 5 Days Of Christmas Animes!

So without further ado… My first anime for Christmas is…

Itsudatte My Santa!

My Santa

Air Dates: December 7, 2005

Episodes: 2 OVAs

Genre: Magical, Comedy,  Romance

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

Ok so let me start by saying that you need to throw out your ideas of Stanta being some jolly rolly polly old man with a beard for this anime. Santa is soooo far from that. Hell I will even give you a bit of a spoiler and tell you that there is more than one Santa. One even really has nothing to do with the north pole, presents and all that jazz.

This anime is cute in the sense that it makes you feel all warm and fluffy on the inside with Christmas joy. Sorry couldn’t keep from gagging while writing on that one lol… Honestly though it is cute. Once you get past the first 5-10 min of bah! humbug-ness in the beginning. Which to tell the truth is more my speed leading up to Christmas day which usually I’m good with. As I said before throw out your notions on what you think Santa is and you will make it through to the end with only a few WTF?!?!’s thrown out there.

Example of a WTF moment is from the beginning of episode 1 in which Santa the main male character (that’s the guy’s name. Really. He was born on Dec. 24th so in light of that his parents named him Santa) explains why he hates explaining his name…

My Santa 1

Cause everyone laughs and rightly they should! What parent names their child Santa?!?!

Besides that, there are other random things thrown out there like the Santa academy where the other main characters are from, magic, a random Japanese gang, Christmas cakes (Yum!), a toy reindeer that transforms, the beach and a crazy Miss Noel that is a teacher at the academy.

My Santa 2

It’s an extremely short OVA with 2 22min episodes with a ‘hint’ at the end of a 3rd that is then thrown out by saying it’s a joke. Which to me is really lame cause they made an awesome fake preview! They cram A LOT into this little anime and it feels a bit rushed at times but overall it’s a good one to watch over the holiday.

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18 Jan

So yeah… Its been a bit since my last post so I apologize to the few of you that might have been waiting for a new post (though I doubt anyone really was :c) ). Its been a tough start to the new year to the point that after just the first week I ended up going out with some friends that were also having a shitty new year and having a new years do over. Good times good times! So with that I am back to trying to do at least a post a week. :c)

Air Dates: April 2, 2002 to September 24, 2002

Episodes: 26

Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Romance

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

Chobits is one of those animes that I started to watch maybe two years ago stopped at like eps eight cause I got bored then stared to watch it again a few months ago and was actually entertained by it. Why the change who knows but, it changed my rating of a two to a four lol.

The main arc of Chobits starts with Hideki who moves toTokyofrom the country to enroll in prep school. Hideki is studying to pass the entrance exam into a university. Once Hideki arrives inTokyohe is in awe of all the things that he sees having come from a small farm. One of the things being the persocons that are everywhere. Persacons are basically AI/androids that look and act like people but are personal computers that can do everything from type papers, make phone calls, surf the net, play video and act as a external hard drive in a sense. As he is side tracked by all the new things that he was seeing (having grown up on a farm he really only had cows as friends and never used a computer before) he happens to stumble upon the apartment that he was going to be renting. After meeting the nice manager of the aparments, Hibiya Chitose, he goes to his room to only be surprised by his new neighbor Shinbo and his mini persacon Sumomo.

As Shinbo helps Hideki get settled he lets him know that not only are they neighbors but they are also going to the same cram school! Hideki’s head is swirling with all the things that have happened to him in one day especially meeting his first persacon. He ends up taking a walk later that night and stubbles across what he at first thinks is a body but turns out to be an abandoned female persacon. Being the good natured guy that he was and also being curious he decides to take the persacon home with with him. Once home he then has the issue of trying to figure out how to turn it on. Little does Hideki know this is only the beginning of a LONG list of problems and trials! After some struggling with what to do, he finally figures out how to turn her on. (Yeah wont go into that tidbit cause it’s a little ‘personal’ where the on/off switch is lol) During the struggle Shinbo ends up trying to come over to see what is going on but Hideki keeps him away trying to hide his persacon. Once the persacon wakes up her first words are Chii. This being the only thing that she can say Hideki ends up calling her Chii.

The next day Hideki wakes up and realizes he now has a persacon but has no clue what to do with it! Shinbo finally figures out what is going and meets Chii. He trys to help Hideki by using Sumomo to figure out who Chii is and if she belonged to anyone but Sumono is unable to get into Chii’s system and ends up chrashing leading Shinbo to believe that there is more to Chii then meets the eye. The next main character is introduced at this point is Minoru who Shinbo sends Hideki to for help in figuring out Chii’s story. Minoru is a gurus of persacons and has a collection of custom persacons. He is also considered to be one of the top resources on persacons yet he is only like 13 years old! After Minoru hooks his personal persacon up to Chii and Chii crashes it, he is completely intrigued and insist on figuring out what the deal is and where Chii came from. He goes to the net and sets out looking for anything that he can find.

The story progresses with Shinbo, Hideki and Minoru set out on a mission to figure out what Chii is exactly. Between prep school and trying to teach Chii well, everything from simple things like clothes and communicating with people, Hideki and Chii both get jobs and start to settle into life together and life inTokyo. This leads to each episode filled with antics up the wa-zoo while Chii trys to figure out everything that she can and ends up causing in the process. Hideki just trys to deal with school, work, Chii and getting by from day to day! You quickly find out that Hideki is basically an idiot. Not only in his studies but also in just general day to day stuff.

There are numerous arcs in the anime that can get confusing at times. You have Shinbos affair, Chiis job, Hidekis job, people out to get Chii as news of a strange persacon hits the net, people kidnapping Chii and the darker side to the anime about the creation of Chii. With the darker part it doesn’t come out till more towards the end and will throw you for a loop because of the people involved and the real story behind the creation on Chii.

Overall this was a cute anime with a odd little love story between Chii and Hideki. The ending though leaves you with a huge WTF because all of a sudden it takes a crazy turn from where the first 18 episodes lead you. Its still good though and I am glad that I decided to finish watching it.

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Count Down To New Years W Anime (#2)!!!

30 Dec

Due to being sicker than a dog and barely able to muddle through work, this post is delayed by a day. This means that I will do the #1 post for tomorrow on new years eve. Guess it kinda worked out being behind by a day! :c)
Anime New Years


Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh New Years

Eps 8  “Osaka’s New Year’s Dream / In Tomo-chan’s Case / In Sakaki’s Case / Welcome / In Kaorin’s Case”

Air Date: May 27, 2002

Episode: 24min

Genre: Comedy, Craziness, Slice-of-Life

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

This is the episode all about dreams… Osaka is once again in dreamland and this time she is dreaming about the great mystery of Chiyos pigtails. She is dreaming that Chiyo is flying around using her pigtails as propellers! Osaka then decides to take the pigtails off to see what happens and Chiyo falls down. Sakai is dreaming too but of the neighborhood cat that that always eludes her but not before scratching the living daylights out of her, Chiyo then comes along and introducing her to a cat that says its Chiyo-chichi and then Chiyo invites her to her house for dinner with her dad. While there Sakai sees a penguin that is supposed to be Chiyos maid.  Tomo is also off drooling in dreamland about things that will never ever happen. She is dreaming that she is the a all-star student that scores high marks and is smarter then Chiyo and Yomi. HA! Yeah right! She also wins beauty contest and is the hero in every tale. Kaorin is having a bit of a Yuri dream where Sakaki saves her from the local Yakuza but, before the story can progress she is woken up to head to the temple with everyone for new years. While at the temple the group talking about their dreams that point out to Chiyo that she was in each one of them which leaves her franticly asking what she was like and what she did in them as they are bringing in the new year.

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