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C Control

5 Jan

Now that the holidays are over we are back to our regularly scheduled programming!

C Control

Air Dates: April 15, 2011 – June 24, 2011

Episodes: 11

Genre: Science fiction

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

I happened to watch the simulcast of C on HULU while it was airing in Japan. Although it was not dubbed it was still a really good anime that was not hard to follow like some subbed are. (A lot of subbed go so fast that it’s hard to keep up with what is being said and also watching the show its self lol!)

This is another short anime with only 11 episodes and leaves you wanting more. The main arc of this anime is that Japan’s government was on the brink of total financial collapse and was saved at the last minute by the ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund’. Life in Japan for the citizens though was not saved. People were on the edge of ruin and were doing anything and resorting to any means to save themselves or their families from it. It was so bad that crime and the nations suicide rate were steadily going up. The story revolves around a young man in college named Kimimaro who was a victim of the times. His father had disappeared during the financial collapse leaving him in the care of his aunt since his mother had died earlier.

Kimimaro was a average student living a average life in a average apartment. You get the picture… His only want in life and only thing that he cares about is having enough money to support himself and have a wife and family someday. Dude is not a ‘Neet’ but he really has no motivation at all. One day though he is approached by this wacked out clown looking man named Masakaki. He appears out of nowhere and asks Kimimaro if he would like a large sum of money in exchange for his ‘future’. Its not later that you really understand what he means by future.

The catch to getting this money is that he needs to enter into another dimension called ‘The Financial District’ and compete in a deal (a battle between 2 people, their assets and their money) at least once a week to gain money and keep his future as a ‘Entre’ in the Financial District. He is given 500000 Yen to help him make his decision on joining The Financial District. When he goes to use this money in the real world is taken into the dist by Masakaki and made to compete in his first deal. To help him in these deals he is given as asset named Msyu. She will battle his opponents asset while at the same time the opponent can battle Kimimaro but not the same destructive sense that the assets can. Kimimaro is able to win his first deal with A LOT of help from Msyu. This amazed most of the people in the dist that he wont his first deal that he competed in and this caught the eye of the leader of a rebellion of sorts called Souichirou Mikuni.

Mikuni is a powerful and rich man not only in the dist but also in the real world. He has learned how to bend and twist the money of the dist and the real world to, in an essence, keep Japan afloat from financial destruction. Kimimaro is pulled aside my Mikuni after his first deal and he explains to him the idea behind the money in the dist and the money in the real world. He also trys to convince him to join his group, the Mukudori Guild, seeing that Kimimaro has the beginning of a great Entre and could and asset to his plan to save Japan.

As the story goes on so do the deals and the amount of money that is at stake. Kimimaro also learns what it means to have your future on the line and the real financial crisis that the world is in especially Japan. What looked to him as a easy way to get money has turned into fighting for his life as he knows it and also fighting to save Japan.

This anime is REALLY short as I mentioned before and the ending is a bit rushed with the last 2min leaving you with a WTF kinda feeling. I mean its 11 episodes, what can they do. Overall though I think that I was really good and the deals were awesome to watch. The only part that I was not a fan of was there were a lot of times were the characters were reflecting on something. They would spend about 10min on something that I felt could be summed up in like 2min. So annoying. I mean I know that it helps to set the back drop but we don’t need it in every damn episode. Just saying. :c)

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