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Anime List for Halloween!!!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year! With that said I figured that I would post a list of some of the Anime that I have seen that I think fits perfectly with the holiday! They are in no specific order and I will also do reviews of them later. Like way later down the road since I still have a ton that I have yet to finish and post as it is! :c)

Witch Hunter Robin

  • Awesome witch anime! This is one of the first animes that I saw and watched from start to finish.

Shikabane Hime

  • Great anime about the undead that fight the undead!

Gantz (the movie)

  • Saw this when I was running the movies in the main room at AkiCon 2011 and this was good! Odd and creepy but good for Halloween. People that were supposed to die end up getting sucked up into the mess where they are given another chance at life only if they compete with other people in the same situation by killing off aliens.

Tokyo Majin

  • Short 12 eps anime about the reborn dead. They are not quite brain sucking zombies but the undead that have crazy powers.

Soul Eater

  • Deals with Lord Death, witches and has a general Halloween look to the design. This is not really a horror anime but more comedy and death.

Hell Girl

  • Damn creepy little girl that will grant your wish in exchange for her taking your soul and ferrying it to the afterlife in hell.

Death Note

  • Deceit, lying, scandals and murder! All based off a notebook!


  • If you want a vampire movie that is cute, this is the one! She is part of a vampire family but she is a bit different than the rest  since she doesn’t take blood she gives blood!

Blood +

  • Vampire

Blue Exorcist

  • Satan, demons, hell trying to rule earth… AWESOME anime!!!

High School of the Dead

  • ZOMBIES!!!


  • Undead and vampires

Trinity Blood

  • Alien type vampire

Paranoia Agent

  • A little kids that goes around attacking people with a golden baseball bat that are in some sort of mental crisis. Not your usual blood and gore but its a trippy anime based off of peoples fears.


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