5 Days Of Christmas Animes!!! Pt. 2

21 Dec

Pt. 2!!!

Yuru Yuri!

Yuru Yuri Christmas 1

Air Date: August 16, 2011

Episode: Season 1, Eps. 7 “Christmasery”

Genre: Yuri, Comedy,  Slice Of Life, Craziness

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

This Christmas episode of Yuru Yuri starts with the usual flair of Kyōko busting into the clubhouse in a Santa suit. Mind you its 1 week before Christmas proving to everyone that she really is off her rocker a bit. Since Christmas in Japan is more of a romantic holiday then anything, she suggests that they all go out on dates since everyone else will be on them. This of course leads to massive tension on who will be with who…

Kyōko suggest they have a lotto to draw numbers and whoever has the same numbers are paired up. More tension ensues while everyone is wishing to be with who they wanted and steaming over the idea of being with someone they don’t want lol. Like Ayano and Yui.

As the girls set off on their dates, some willingly and others not so much, they end up all over town. Not to give away too much but one couple goes to the movies and arcade, another to a couple cafes, with yet another to a restaurant and the last couple sit in the park. Most of the dates stared off w lots of grumbling but by the end of them they were actually getting along with a couple of them even having fun! They all meet up in the park at the end of their dates. Awww so cute!

Yuru Yuri Christmas 2

There is a VERY quick cut to the new years from the park and each girl is celebrating with their families and reading the news years cards from their friends. All of them were cute and nice with the exception on Chinatsu’s cards which were well her standard dark and un-artistic products that she generally produces lol.

Yuru Yuri Chirstmas 3

Overall it’s a cute episode that showed more of the romantic lovey dovey side to Christmas that you see in Japan instead of the more religious side in the west.

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5 Days Of Christmas Animes!!!

20 Dec

So yeeeeaaaahhhh… It’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog. :c( Too many things going on good and bad, and not enough time for everything which means something’s fell by the wayside. Unfortunately one happened to be my blog. However in light of the upcoming new year (anyone that thinks the world ends Friday the 21st can suck it imo lol!!!) I have resolved to start working on it again. Which in my mind meant it was ok for me to buy myself a tablet on Thanksgiving under the premise that I was going to work on the blog from it and also work on my new shop on Etsy. :c) (Yes that is a shameless plug btw.)

Now that all of that is out of the way. I have decided to keep with the tradition of having my Christmas list of animes list like last years, The 12 Anime Days Of Christmas!!! This year we are going to do the 5 Days Of Christmas Animes!

So without further ado… My first anime for Christmas is…

Itsudatte My Santa!

My Santa

Air Dates: December 7, 2005

Episodes: 2 OVAs

Genre: Magical, Comedy,  Romance

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

Ok so let me start by saying that you need to throw out your ideas of Stanta being some jolly rolly polly old man with a beard for this anime. Santa is soooo far from that. Hell I will even give you a bit of a spoiler and tell you that there is more than one Santa. One even really has nothing to do with the north pole, presents and all that jazz.

This anime is cute in the sense that it makes you feel all warm and fluffy on the inside with Christmas joy. Sorry couldn’t keep from gagging while writing on that one lol… Honestly though it is cute. Once you get past the first 5-10 min of bah! humbug-ness in the beginning. Which to tell the truth is more my speed leading up to Christmas day which usually I’m good with. As I said before throw out your notions on what you think Santa is and you will make it through to the end with only a few WTF?!?!’s thrown out there.

Example of a WTF moment is from the beginning of episode 1 in which Santa the main male character (that’s the guy’s name. Really. He was born on Dec. 24th so in light of that his parents named him Santa) explains why he hates explaining his name…

My Santa 1

Cause everyone laughs and rightly they should! What parent names their child Santa?!?!

Besides that, there are other random things thrown out there like the Santa academy where the other main characters are from, magic, a random Japanese gang, Christmas cakes (Yum!), a toy reindeer that transforms, the beach and a crazy Miss Noel that is a teacher at the academy.

My Santa 2

It’s an extremely short OVA with 2 22min episodes with a ‘hint’ at the end of a 3rd that is then thrown out by saying it’s a joke. Which to me is really lame cause they made an awesome fake preview! They cram A LOT into this little anime and it feels a bit rushed at times but overall it’s a good one to watch over the holiday.

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Pro’s And Con’s To Working At Con’s!

25 Apr

A few weeks ago I worked at two back to back conventions with the first being Emerald City ComiCon (comic convention) and the following weekend SakuraCon (anime convention). Aside from me going crazy from lack of sleep and popping aspirin left and right from being sore from running my butt off, it was the best 2 weeks yet this year!

Emerald City ComiCon and Sakura Con

During my crazy geek filled weekends I was asked by a lot of people, con goers and fellow volunteers, why I wanted to work at cons instead of attend them. Having answered that question more times then I wanted to I thought it would be a good idea for my blog to have a pros and cons to working cons post. This way I can maybe help some of you that are on the fence about volunteering for the next con in your area.

Now these pro’s and con’s and are not just from Emerald City ComiCon and SakuraCon but from all the cons/festivals that I have worked at over the years and you can check out my Cons and Festivals Page to see some of them.


Generally all conventions and festivals need volunteers so if you look hard enough for what happening in your town there is always something going on or going to be happening soon. This means that there is always something that you can be planning for and can attend. This is also a good way chance to get out in the community and try something new which is what drew me into working con/festivals in the first place!


Even though there are A LOT of events that look for volunteers some make it freakin impossible to find out HOW to volunteer. PAX is one of them. To volunteer for this event you either have to been there at the beginning, be asked to volunteer by someone that works for PAX or know someone that is a volunteer and can get you in. Some smaller con/festivals will not put volunteer forms out or post a link for who to contact so you have to go through the events info email and hope that someone gets back to you. I tried to volunteer last winter for a snowboard and ski expo and I am still waiting for someone to get back to me on it.


Most con/festivals are spread out over 2-3 days with only a few being 1 day events. This offers a wide range of shift that you can choose from that fit into your schedule and allow you to also see the  con/festivals before or after shift. There are even a few that run 24hrs like SakuraCon where I was able to work the graveyard shift. This ment that when I got off work at 0030 Friday night/Saturday morning I went straight to the con and worked until 0800. I had the rest of the morning and afternoon to work in another department AND see the con before my shift sat night at 2400.


Some events schedules or schedule demands (meaning hours required to work to be considered staff like SkauraCon is 16hrs) are ridiculous to deal with. Also the simple fact that if you don’t sign up months in advance for some events you are left with crap shifts. A good example is the Seattle International Beer Festival. This event is in July but you have to sign up in jan/feb to get a decent shift. The event runs from late morning to late at night Friday to Sunday. Depending on the shift or shifts that you work it dictates how many beer tokens you get to drink after your shift. Well the only way to get the tokens is to get them once your shift is over. This means EVERYONE signs up for the morning and afternoon shifts so that they can spend the night drinking. If you don’t sign up soon enough all that is left is the night shift. This means no drinking after your shift because the event is over. Granted you could come back the next day but when you live over an hour away who wants to do that. Worse though is when the only shift left is the last shift on the last day of the event. No option to come back the next day. Consolation though is that if you get stuck with the crap shifts you get a gift certificate to a restaurant.


A lot, but not all, con/festivals will offer you free admission into the event in exchange for hours worked!


There are the few that don’t offer free admission or admission at a discounted rate so you end up paying to work. Which will leave you kind of bitter if you spend all your time working instead of enjoying the con/festival that you ‘paid’ to be at.


A lot of con/festivals will provide you with food, water, food vouchers if you are going to be working all day.


You have to work all day, some of the food provided sucks (Costco sandwiches that have sat out all day, non veggie options etc.), some of the food vouchers are more of a hassle then they are worth, staff rooms that provide the food are under lock and key so you have to hunt down someone with key each time you want to go in or the staff room is so far away that its not worth it to go. Another con is that some wont provide squat to you. So you have to hope that there is food close by and its not going to break the bank or that you even have the time to go. I usually ALWAYS pack snacks and a lunch on the off chance that this happens.


All con/festivals that I have worked at give me an awesome staff or volunteer shirt. As dorky as it sounds like is a HUGE plus for me! Being the broke person that I am I hate spending $30+ dollars on a shirt for con/festivals that I have gone to and getting one for free that I know not everyone has (the ones marked as staff or volunteer usually are a special edition shirt) will draw me in to volunteer more than the swags bags sometime lol!


Some don’t have a shirt which is fine if its not in the budget. There are a few that should provide some sort of shirt though since it helps to emphasize who you are and what you are doing. Nothing better than being in charge of lets say  lines and telling people to get in line then having them mouth off to you until they realize that you work there. Would have been solved with a simple staff shirt… Some provide a shirt but its a one size fits all shirt which only fits about 2 people that are there. You work a later shift and all that’s left is xs or xxxxl.


Speaking of swag bags, the bigger the con/festivals the better the volunteer swag bags are. Not a general rule but it just so happens to be that way with the con/festivals that I have worked it.


Not really a con here. Either they have them or they don’t. Its nice when they do though cause it a great little ‘thank you for working your butt off with no pay’ gift.


Another proof of my dorkyness is the staff badges which I have taken to collecting. These last two con/festivals that I was at I had large staff badges that said my name (some volunteer levels you only are referred to as a number so having your name on a badge is big time lol), staff and had my department on it (media and publicity). These badges are like your backstage pass! You can go almost anywhere within reason and within your department’s realm without the bat of an eye from someone. Example, Emerald City Comicon I worked the green room under the media department. That meant I could be IN the green room with the media guest and only a VERY VERY small handful of volunteers were able to do that. Granted I was working 100% of the time but it was still cool to know that I was one of the select few lol. This also meant that I could take all the back halls to move around instead of pushing my way through people which cut down on time when I was trying to sprint to the hot water to make Wil Wheaton’s tea!


Some events don’t get that badges help and they don’t have any. Or my favorite is that it has no name, number or anything on it and it looks like the rest of the event badges. Even better yet is I worked at one were it was a ‘hello my name is’ sticker for the badge. Smh. This just leads to issues like the shirt thing that people don’t know you are working for the event and brush you off when you say something.


On the topic of backstage… When you are volunteering you get to see everything that is going on! This means no pushing and shoving to get to the front of the line because you are the front of the line. You can help with making things happen and in some cases help save things from going wrong. Knowing that you are a part of something like that and your presence is helping to create the event and make it better makes the lack of sleep worth it!


You see EVERYTHING that happens backstage lol! This means the good, the bad and the ugly. It will sometimes change your view on people and groups when you see what REALLY happens behind the curtain. I had a band that I really liked but my opinion changed on them when I saw how they treated their staff and the volunteers. Not to mention the demands that they had. Good lord! They threw a fit because they didn’t have the right bottled water. BOTTLED FREAKIN WATER!!! Smh.

Ok so we have covered a few of my pro’s and con’s to working cons. There is a lot more to then just these but I don’t really feel like writing a 10 page essay on the topic. :c) Overall though I love working at cons and festivals and will continue with it. Hell I even have 3 events spread out over the next 2 months!

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