CONs and Festivals

This is a page is dedicated to all the cons and festivals that I have worked at, attended or was planning to attend/work at! :c)

Emerald City ComiCon

ECCC 2011: Minion

ECCC 2012: Green Room Minion

ECCC 2013: Green Room Dungeon Master (moving on up in the world!)

Sakura Con

SakuraCon 2011: Registration

SakuraCon 2012: Reception and Fashion Show Dressing Room

SakuraCon 2013: SAS office

Aki Con

AkiCon 2011: Graveyard Shift Main Room/Movies

AkiCon 2012: did not attend

AkiCon 2013: prob not going to attend, personal reasons

Zombie Con

ZomBCon 2012: con cxld :c(

ZomBCon 2013: no clue yet! But bring on the dead!

Geek Girl Con

Geek Girl Con 2012: Unable to volunteer this year :c(

Geek Girl Con 2013: Dont know yet!

Seattle Intl Beer Festival

SIB 2011: Beer Pourer!

SIB 2012: Beer Pourer!

SIB 2013: Beer Pourer!

Seattle’s Chinatown-ID Dragon Fest

DragonFest 2011: Origami Tent

DragonFest 2012: Was not able to attend

DragonFest 2013: Dont know yet!

Seattle Out and Proud Parade

Pride Parade 2011: Westlake Main Stage Clean-up

Pride Parade 2012:  Westlake Main Stage

Pride Parade 2013:  No clue yet!

PAX Prime

PAX 2012: Unable to volunteer this year EVEN THOUGH I actually had a in! ARGH!

PAX 2013: Need to find a new way in…

Seattle Cheese Festival

2011: Wine Tent

2012: Wine Tent

2013: Wine Tent

2 Responses to “CONs and Festivals”

  1. Aaron Pulesanderu January 3, 2012 at 21:24 #

    To have a record of all the new items that get launched in the marketplace is a hard task indeed for a lay gentleman to comply with.


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    […] CONs and Festivals […]

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