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Drinking Anime for St. Patrick’s Day!!! (Pt. 2)

17 Mar

Continuing on with the Drinking Anime for St. Patrick’s Day we are now on part 2 covering some of my fav animes and episodes that focus on drinking, drunks and whatnot. :c) This is only a super small list and if I put in ALL of the ones that I like the list would go on and on lol! I also decided to be nice and link some of the YouTube videos for a couple episodes for your viewing pleasure. :c)

Part 2

Top 5 Favorite Drinking Animes/Episodes

#5 Bartender 

I would be remise if I didn’t mention this anime! It follows the story of Ryū Sasakura, a bartender in a hidden away bar in the Giza district called Eden Hall. Eden is a invite only bar that unless you know where it is and are invted you can never find it. Kinda like a speakeasy!


#4 Bleach

Ep. 168, “The New Captain Appears! His Name Is Shūsuke Amagai”

Squard 3 has been without a captain since Gin screwed everyone over and decided to join up with Captain Aizen to turn against the Soul Society. Head captain Yamamoto has noticed the distention on the ranks due to the lack of captains and pulls up Shūsuke Amagai from the patrols. Since has been away from the soul society for so long being on patrol the members of squad 3 don’t trust him (or his right hand man Makoto Kibune). Izuru takes it upon himself, with the help of Rangiku of course, to plane a welcome to squad 3 party. As it turns out Amagai does NOT hold his liquor at all!

Part 1 (the best part is at 8:50 where Rangiku goes and grabs her stash of Sake hidden in Captain Tōshirō’s office!)

Link To YouTube Video

Part 2 (the start of the welcome party leading to Amagai passing out and well I not going to spoil the rest of it :c) )

Link To YouTube Video


#3 Bleach

Ep. 179, “Confrontation!? Amagai vs. Gotei 13”

At the captains meeting Amagai takes the initiative and ask Yamamoto if he may address the rest of the captains about an idea that he has. He proposes that the squads participate in joint training exercise together since he has noticed that there is cooperation within the squads but not will all the squads together. This of course upsets the majority of the captains that scoff at his idea with only captain Ukitake supporting him. Ukitake and Kyōraku decide to take Amagai  to dinner after the captains meeting where he vents his frustration. In his state of depression Amagai decides to drink a cup of sake and its allll down hill from there!

 Drunk Captain Shūsuke Amagai

#2 Azumanga Daioh 

Ep. 3, “Nyamo / Factional Rivalry / Yukari’s Here / Not My Fault / Forever and Ever”

Its not long into the Azumanga Daioh story before you realize that Yukari Tanizaki is not only a bad driver but also an ALCOHOLIC! My favorite episode is when Yukari invites her long time friend/ high school rival/ fellow teacher,  Minamo “Nyamo” Kurosawa, out to the bar after school to get reacquainted with each other and ends up once again being jealous of her since she is the more ‘popular’ teacher. This leads to Yukari trying to make herself more popular the next day at school with her students that fails big time, which then leads to her going to Nyamo’s house were she proceeds to break a present of Nyamos ‘by accident’. Accident my ass… This subsequently leads to them going out to the bar. Again. Where more jealousy ensues and Yukari gets piss ass drunk lol!

Link To YouTube Video

#1 Cowboy Bebop

Ep. 12, “Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)”

Generally any of the episodes are filled with drinking by Spike, Faye and Jet but this episode is one of my favs. Faye has gotten sick after having ran off to Callisto from the Bebop where she stole all the money and the antifreeze from the cooling system. This is where she meets Gren a saxophone player at the Blue Crow. I wont go into what happens to save you from a major spoiler but, I will say that that there is some gender issues and Faye is found handcuffed!

Link To YouTube Video

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Drinking Anime for St. Patrick’s Day!!! (Pt. 1)

12 Mar

In honor of one of my favorite day of drinking, St.Patrick’s Day, I decided to do a two part post dedicated to the best drinking anime, episodes and characters!

Part 1

Top 5 Favorite Anime Characters That Love To Drink

#5. Chū, Yu Yu Hakusho

I swear that the fight with Chū was one of the best at the Dark Tournament! I mean anything that makes me think of Jackie Chan in Drunken Master rocks in my book lol! This dude is a awesome fighter on his own but the minute that he starts to drink his powers/skills increase tenfold. Dude is for sure an alcoholic lol but, no one dare says that to his face.

Best Episode:

31 “Stumbling Warrior”

Chū, Yu Yu Hakusho

#4. Cana Alberona, Fairy Tail

This girl would be awesome to go out drinking with! Not only is she a S-Class Mage but she can also drink all that she wants but never gets drunk! Now that I think about it drinking with her might not be such a good idea… Aside from the massive about of drinking (she generally consumes 30% of Fairy Tales liquor budget) she is one of the more serious members of the guild and often takes on a leadership role. When she is not drinking that is…

Best Episode:

“Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull”

Cana Alberona, Fairy tail

#3. Richard Moore, Case closed

Richard is a former police officer turned private detective who has become one of the most respected PI’s out there! Granted this is only with the assistance of Jimmy Kudo aka Conan Edogawa which is unknown to everyone. Richard is generally drunk, chasing after woman and making his daughter Rachel pickup after him but, thanks to the help of Conan, he has been branded the ‘sleeping detective’ solving some of the most difficult cases that have fallen on his door step.

Best Episode

67 “A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case”

Richard Moore, Case Closed

#2. Shunsui Kyōraku, Bleach

Shunsui is the caption of the 8th Division and one of the more free spirited, flamboyant captains out there. He is usually seen sleeping, drinking sake, chasing women or chatting it up with his BF Jūshirō Ukitake, the 13th Division captain. The man can hold is liquor and hates confrontation but can fight like no ones business when it calls for it.

Best Episode

37 “Motive of the Fist”

Shunsui Kyōraku, Bleach

#1. Melissa Mao, Full Metal Panic

An ex marine and now the commanding officer of Sousuke and Kurz in Mithril, she commands respect from her subordinates and gets that thanks to her mad skills in electronic warfare and piloting an Arm Slave! She is a loud, crass, a ruthless-cut-throat insulter, and a heavy drinker and smoker. In other words pure awesomeness! I mean a chick that can drink most of the men in Mithril under the table and shoot the shit out of everything?!?! Whats not awesome about that!!! :c)

Best Episode

19 “Engaging Six and Seven”

Melissa Mao, Full Metal Panic

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Baldr Force EXE OVA

26 Jan

Baldr Force EXE OVA

Air Dates: October 11, 2006 – April 4, 2007

Episodes: 4

Genre: Action, Mech, Science Fiction

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

Baldr Force EXE was another great find on Netlix that I just watched. It’s a VERY short OVA with only 4 episodes. Even though there was a lot cram packed into the 4 it was actually really good! There were a few things that irked me a bit though  like the fact that while watching it I kept feeling like I was watching the love child of Hackers the movie and Ghost in the shell with a mix of The Matrix. Also on a side note this anime was actually created based off the video game Baldr Force.

The main arc of the story revolves around Tōru Sōma who is a member of one of the best hacker groups called Steppenwolf. The group consisted of 5 characters Tsukina Sasagiri, Yūya Nonomura, Akira Nikaidō, Tōru Sōma and a member that you don’t see until the end, Bachera. The reason that I say this seemed like the love child of Ghost in the Shell was because not only is the story set in a future time were computer are more integrated into everyday life but, people have chips/hookups in their brain to literally hook up to the net. Just like Ghost in the Shell . They sit in a computer system chair and have a cord that goes into the base of their skull and they are ‘wired’ into the net. The net is actually called ‘the wire’ and is separate world where everyone can live and interact together. Just like The Matrix. Also Just like the matrix you have to log out to leave and if you are killed in the wire you are killed in real life.

Diving the wire

The story starts with Steppenwolf deciding that they had a good ride but it was time to disband since things were getting too hot and their last couple of jobs got them almost caught if not killed. Tōru belives this is because of Bachera who only recently joined their group and has been getting them into tougher and more dangerous jobs. The thing about Bachera though is that no one has seen him. Tsukina, Yūya, Akira and Tōru decide to do one last job before they close the doors on Steppenwolf. You know the whole one last score thing that you always see in movies or you hear about criminals doing. You know how those always work out… Steppenwolf decided that they were going to go big or go home on their last hack and try to hack into FLAK. FLAK is the military police of the internet and out to catch hackers and terrorist. Just as the group breaks through their firewalls they realize they fell into a trap set by FLAK to capture terrorist. Just as Akira was able to get out but just as Tōru and Yūya go to logoff they are ambushed and Yūya ends up dying. Tōru was unable to help him since he was in the middle of logging off. When he woke up back in the real world their hideout was under siege by the local police, the rest of the team was being arrested along with him and Yūya was dead.

While all of this is going on there is a threat in the wire that can be summed up as a virus that was devouring all of the wire. FLAK was sending in their best assault teams and they were getting wiped out left and right as they were trying to locate and kill/capture the virus. The leaders of FLAK are at a loss on how to control this new virus that they had never seen before. With that there is a separate group that is also interested in the virus called VSS who are the main creators of chips/hardware/programs for getting onto the wire.

While Tōru was being questions by the local police one of the officers from FLAK comes in and makes him an offer. Help us at FLAK and avoid going to jail. Tōru agrees with this grudgingly with the intent that if he works for FLAK he can seek out whoever killed Yūya and make them pay. He also make a deal that he will work for FLAK if the rest of his team can be set free which they agree to. He starts working for FLAK right away and is sent into the wire to stop hackers from getting into a system. There is where he meets the last main group in the anime the Fei Dao. They are a group of rebel hackers that are out to cause trouble and bring truth to what is really going on in the wire.

As the story progresses he discovers who Yūya’s killer is and it is a surprise that they were right under his nose the whole time he was at FLAK. But he also finds out more about his past then he wants to that ends up dealing with the virus itself while fighting with the virus and Fei Dao. The last 2 episodes have twist and turns left and right and leaves you with this huge revel of his past that is kinda like wtf where did all this come from. Again this is a really short anime that they crammed a lot of stuff into less than 2 hrs of run time. Overall it is really good and I wish that they had expanded more on Tōru’s past and what happens past the end.

Sorry trying not to make this too much of a spoiler and with only 4 episodes its kinda hard not to on some parts!

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