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5 Days Of Christmas Animes!!! Pt. 5

27 Dec

I hope everyone had a happy holiday!!!

Pt. 5!!!


Hetalia Christmas 1

Air Date: August 21, 2009

Episode: S. 2, Eps. 31 “Academy Hetalia Christmas”

Genre: Comedy, Craziness, History

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

This post ended up being a bit later then I wanted it to be but better late then never! ;c)

Germany decides to make the next Hetalia Academy Paper be about Christmas around the world. Italy and Japan join in and think it’s a great idea! Italy states for him its all about lights on the mountains, making a turkey and giving gifts to mob bosses. Japan says its about battling the shipping mall with a hint at romance.

Germany, Japan and Italy head off to interview people with America up first to explain his, as the narrator calls it, fat Christmas. He goes on that it’s about shopping, eating and they ‘X’ out the Christ part to mark it extreme! Riiiight…

Next is, as the narrator puts it, ‘Christmas in Godless Russia’. Russia starts in on the cold weather in Russia and that they tell a more pagan based story about father frost and he uses witchcraft is you make dolls of him and they start moving after 25days… China says tree are illegal and they started celebrating it when Hong Kong introduced it.

Hetalia Christmas 2

The narrator really cracks me up with the extra comments and France was no exception by calling it ‘Gay Christmas’ (remember people Hetalia pokes fun at EVERYONE!!! So try not to take offence :c). France goes on to think that everyone wants to spend Christmas ‘with’ him which Germany gives a hearty hell no to. He then explains that Frances Christmas contains the romance and culture that Germany lacks. They get Santa drunk on wine and everyone joins him. Japan is baffled that they let him get drunk and drive around giving out presents to kids.

Hetalia Chirstmas 3

Finland is the last one they interview and he is a bit ummm, out there. Finland explains that its all about being naked and in a hot sauna. The family gets together and they burn wood in small rooms to make steam boxes. He also throws in that there is a bit of a pagan twist to their celebration with fortune telling about the new year which for some odd reason excites Germany.

Hetalia Christmas 4

As they are getting ready to write the paper, Italy ask Germany about his Christmas. He says that their Christmas Markets are famous all over and that they like to eat and get drunk like everyone else. German then gets a bit embarrassed and asked Japan and Italy if there have plans for Christmas which both say they don’t. Of course Italy says it with his usual flair lol. As they walk off Germany points out that it’s the same group together for the holiday again this year and Japan proclaims that it is going to be very uncomfortable.

Hetalia Chirstmas 5

The finally scene is Japan cornering Britain to ask him about his Christmas as Britain is cowering away from him lol. Oh Hetalia you crack me up every time!

My Time Spent Watching Anime

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Mirage of Blaze

27 Oct

Air Dates: January 7, 2001 – April 8, 2002

Episodes: 13

Genre: Historical, Supernatural, Shōnen-ai

My Rating: ** (2:5 stars)

Don’t quit know where to begin with this one. I wasn’t super bad but it was most definitely not great. This is another anime where its been tough to get through the all the episodes. Its only 13 ep, I started watching it about 4 months ago and STILL havent finished it yet. That’s how much interest I have in it.

The main story is about these people that are the reincarnations of old feudal lords whom are drawn together in this era to fight this never ending battle that started in the feudal underworld. This part is interesting in the fact that it really brings a sense of history in the anime and plays out as a modern day magical war against lords. Where it loses my interest is the fact that the scenes are sooo freakin drawn out. Like drawn out over multiple episodes and it is all about one thing that they never seem to move forward on.

This story also involves a shōnen-ai plot line between the two main characters Takaya (vessel of Kagetora Uesugi) and Yoshiaki (Nobutsuna Naoe) who in their past lives were extremely close and Nobutsuna was in love with Kagetora. This causes some tension between the two throughout the show as they struggle not only with the awakening and warring lords (vessels) but their relationship and trying to make sense of it in this current era. In addition how their relationship plays into this war.

Normally I have no problem with shōnen-ai in anime but in this one it just made the plot line WAY more confusing then it needed to be and the love story dragged on and on and on but not in a cute way like in say Baka And Test. Either you like him or you don’t. Please don’t sit for 13 episodes and act like the whole thing is killing you and not make any effort. For real.


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