Count Down To New Years W Anime (#3)!!!

28 Dec

Anime New Years

Cross Game

Cross Game New Years
Eps 34  “Happy New Year”

Air Date:  November 22, 2009

Episode: 24min

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sports

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

Everyone is getting ready for new years and the Tsukishima family’s shop is delivering soba noodles for everyone’s new years celebration. Mmmm Soba!!! Ko ends up helping Akane to make the delivers since there are so many. Mizuki trys to get Aoba to go climb up the mountain on new years eve to crest the summit when the sun rises to be blessed for the new year. Aoba wont have anything to do with its and turns him down. Ko ends up delivering soba to Aoba and gets a earful about the teams recent loss that knocked them out of their chances to go to the spring tournament. After Ko and Akane are done delivering soba around the neighborhood, Akane returns a drawing book back to Ko. He is happy that is was able to help her with her art project. While everyone runs off to the shrine to pray for victory on new years day, Aoba heads to batting cage to get in a few hits. Yuhei finds her here and ends up talking with her about trying out for the women’s national team which she decides against. While Ko and the boys are at the shrine Junpei’s wallet is stolen by a pickpocket. The boys chase him down to only have the pickpocket taken out by one of Momiji’s possible boyfriends!

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