The 12 Anime Days Of Christmas cont’d!!! (9)

20 Dec

Lucky Star

For the Ninth Day

of Chirstmas:

Lucky Star

eps 11 “Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve”

Luck Star

Air Date:June 17, 2007

Episode: 24min

Genre: Comedy, Craziness, Slice-of-Life

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

It’s the end of the year so Christmas is the main theme in this episode. There is no real meaning to all of it but, it has some Christmas references in it like Tsukasa asking Konata and Miyuki when they stopped believing in Santa. Also the great discussion on Christmas cake and how its different after you turn 25. (See Christmas in Japan to learn about the Christmas cake effect on girls.) Nanako ends up buying a Christmas cake on the way home one day from school and Konata brings her father a present on Christmas Eve that gets her out of hot water since she came home late. The rest of the episode is the usual randomness of Luck Star!


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