The 12 Anime Days Of Christmas cont’d!!! (4)

13 Dec

Anime Christmas

For the Fourth Day of Chirstmas:

We are going to cover the Macross saga in this post so I have a few episodes plus a CD release. First up…

Robotech: The Macross Saga

eps 35 “Season’s Greetings”

Macross Christmas

Series run: March 4 – June 28, 1985

Episode: 24 min

Genre: Mech, Science Fiction, Musical, Drama, Adventure

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

Its Christmas day and Khyron plots an attack to obtain the Protoculture Matrix. Minmei also puts a cabosh to her music career and runs to her only friend that she feels she can spend Christmas with and help her through this…

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Eps 35 “Romanesque”

 Macross Christmas

Series run: October 3 1982 – June 26 1983

Episode: 24 min

Genre: Mech, Science Fiction, Musical, Drama, Adventure

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

This episode takes place on Christmas Eve so its not really full of Christmas HoHoHo but has many references to the holiday along with the appearance of a traditional (and yummy) Japanese Christmas cake. Also in this episode Minmays settles into a deep depression and seeks out Hikaru while Quamzins group captures a reaction engine.

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Falling Snow in the Milky Way Album

Release date: November 21, 1985

A image vocal and instrumental music CD (released in Japan) that is supposed to relate with the first year of the maiden voyage on the Macross. There is also a short story insert called ‘White Christmas’.

The story line is that Misa Hayase and the rest of the Macross bridge crew receive Christmas Eve broadcasts from distant Earth. Lynn Minmay rehearses at the TV station studio for an upcoming Christmas variety special, “Falling Snow in the Milky Way” while guest Hikaru Ichijyo looks on. The three Zentradi Miclone spies experience their first Christmas Eve.


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    • talithavm December 14, 2011 at 03:28 #

      Thanks! I will have to look into it. :c)

  2. Cloud December 15, 2011 at 23:31 #

    Minmay is making a move on him! Misa better do something about it in the last episode… Great post btw!

    • talithavm December 16, 2011 at 02:46 #

      Lmao! And thanks for reading it! :c)

  3. Melvina Worford January 7, 2012 at 00:25 #

    Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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