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6 Nov

Air Dates: July 4, 2009 – September 26, 2009

Episodes: 13

Genre: Action, Drama, Girls With Guns, Adventure

My Ratings: **** (4:5 stars)

Alright so by now you should know that I am obsessed with anime that is of a ‘girls with guns’ genre. I think its fact that it would be awesome to kick ass like that lol! Unfortunately we cant so we have to live vicariously through things like anime. :c( So when I found this on Netflix the other day I couldn’t help but check it out!

First off I have to point out the fact that in the first episode I got this impression that this reminded me of Speed Grapher (don’t worry, I will cover this one later too). Two of the main characters are photographers who are in Shanghai [total side note but its kinda odd that I also started to watch Night Raid which is also set in Shanghai this week] to get pictures and cover the NBCR International Anti-Terrorist Conference to take back to Japan where they are from. One of the photographers, Maria, happens to by accident catch on film the death of a bystander at a festival she was attending before the conference. Two people that were chasing the man that died, catch her taking a photo and try to kill her too. She is saved by the other main female character Canaan who is a mercenary who also suffers from (but uses to her advantage) an advanced level of Synesthesia. Odd twist of fate is that Maria and Canaan are long time friends. Canaan had been chasing the men with orders to kill them and happened across Maria. Earlier Maria’s partner Minoru had caught Canaan as she was in a gun fight with the men she was chasing setting the plot in motion.

The two start investigate what is going on and at the same time Maria and Canaan are having fun seeing each other again since its been over 4 years. As the investigation goes and as Canaans mercenary jobs pick up they realize that their pathes keep crossing and with it all leading back to a terrorist group called Snake. Snake is lead by Alphard aka the other Canaan. Alphard is planning an attack on the anti-terrorist conference that Maria and Minoru are to attend along with all the world leaders.

Alphard and Canaan both have a history together with Alphard being the reason that she has an advanced level of Synesthesia. When Canaan was young her village was destoryed along with most of the people in it when Alphard used it as a testing site for a virus call the Ua Virus that was intended to kill people within 12 hours. One of the side effects of the virus they found out was some people managed to survie and those who did had either a hightened Synesthesia and could easily be killed by light, sound,..etc. and lived in Snakes testing labs as guinea pigs called Unblooms. The other survivors bodies mutated and they ended up with ‘super powers’ like Canaan who can read lights and anticipate what is going to happen and are called Borners. Maria and Alphard also have a past along the same lines but Maria was not transformed by the virus like Canaan. Snake kidnapped her 2 years ago during the ‘428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de’ attack and infected her with the virus. Her father was a top chemist at a large pharmaceutical company in Japan and Snake forced him to create a anti virus to save her. This whole ordeal caused her to have amnesia so she doesn’t remember anything about the attack or Alphard.

The anime spends its time between Canaan vs. Snake, finding out the truth about Canaan’s and Maria’s past and finding out the truth about the virus. Other Borners team up with Canaan, Maria and Minoru that have been able to weasel their way out of the thumb of snake thanks to the trio’s help, and assist with getting the truth and maybe a way to live a happier life. There is no real love story in this anime thank god! There is a little bit of a crazy stalker bit between Alphard and her lieutenant Liang Qi. She is more than a bit obsessed with Alphard and calls her sister all the time.

There are a tons of twist and turns that keep you entertained from the planned attack on the conference, the crazy history of the Ua Virus, The CIA’s involvement… Definitely glad that I picked it! Just wish it wasn’t only 13 damn episodes.


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