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Sands of Destruction

1 Nov

Air Dates: July 7, 2008 – September 30, 2008

Episodes: 13

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars)

Sands of Destruction is a adaptation of the SEGA game that was released in 2008. The story is about a world were humans lives as slaves to the beastmen. There is a rebellion group, the World Annihilation Front, that was wants to destroy the world as it is saying its unbearable. Of course going against them is the World Salvation Committee that wants to put a end to the WAF’s plans. The key to destroying the world however lies with the main female character Morte who is also the said ‘leader’ of the WAF. She has a orb that was passed onto her from her bother that is supposed to be the ctrl+alt+del for the world. Unfortunately she doesn’t know how to activate it so she is traveling around to find the key. She lost her brother in the war and is dead set on the destroying the world since she is not happy in it anymore and with this attitude everyone thinks she has the key already. The key also lies with the second main character who has a crazy destructive power that turns out can activate the orb, Kyrie. He is also the second member of WAF. Funny thing about WAF… There are only 3 members! All of which really don’t want to be called WAF or associated with it and Morte is really the only one that wants the world destroyed but not for the reasons everyone thinks which is to restart it so she could take over.

The third main character and third member of WAF is Taupy. A bear. A warrior bear. This ‘bear’ is the reason for only  3 stars. The storyline is cute, the adventures the characters go through are funny, fight scenes are cool between the humans and beatmen but this freakin bear annoys the shit out of me. He has to put ‘bear-o’ at the end of EVERY sentence! And Taupy LOVES TO TALK!!! If it didn’t have that part I would have given it 4 stars for sure. Taupy ends up meeting up with another warrior bear later on in the story and he does the same damn thing. So annoying!

Other than ‘bear-o’, the main plot of the WAF being chased by WSC is comical. The world that they are in is separated into areas that are based off Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall with each seasons respective weather leading to the type of area it is. Each season/town they are in both the WAF and WSC are hot on each other’s tails to either destroy the world or the save it. Along the way Morte learns valuable lessons that the world is not all bad, blah blah blah. Kyrie learns that it’s ok to have goals, try for things and not be a freakin lazy ass. Taupy learns to not be such a ass… Well sort of. If only he could learn to not always say bear!


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