27 Oct

Air Dates: July 17, 2003 – October 2, 2003

Episodes: 12

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Craziness

My Rating: * (1:5 stars)

Ok so I have covered a few anime’s so far that I like. Now let’s do a few that I don’t and this anime tops the list!!!

To start, W.T.F.?!? Whoever made this anime is on freakin crack!!! I could barely watch 2.5 episodes before I wanted to scream! I usually try and watch a show/anime/movie all the way through but this one, yeah, fat freakin chance. So not going to happen.

Not only is the story way wacked out and makes no sense, the voices make you want to rip your ears off. High pitched and annoying  is the only way that I can describe them. The story line, I don’t even know. There is a lot of fan service in it but beyond that you got me. I’m sure if I was able to sit thought the 12 painful episodes I might get it but I have better things to do with my time like slam my finger in the door or pluck out my eyeballs.

All I can say is that it is about 3 girls and a android/robot servant girl that live in this house, talk to dandelions (that they call popotan), and every couple of weeks they magically move their house to a different place to talk to different dandelions. The fact that this thing even got 1 star from me is lucky.

I would only recommend this to someone that is drunk, high like the writers or I hate them.


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