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Dance In The Vampire Bund

24 Oct

Air Dates: January 7, 2010 –April 1, 2010

Episodes: 12

Genre: Vampire, Supernatural, Romance

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

OK let me start off with the fact that I would have so given this 5 stars had it not been a short 12 episode show. I freakin HATE 12 episode shows. Just when they have you hooked, BAM they are done. Lame to the max. Actually that’s more like serious lame sauce.

That aside, I really like this one. I used to not a big vampire fan. Don’t get me wrong I liked vampire stuff before but, I am no twi-heart. I like something that has more action to it and a darker side. This one is not as dark as say Trinity Blood but it’s not as light a Karin. Both of which I will do blogs on later.

So the Anime. It is centered around two young characters Mina and Akira. Mina is the supreme ruler of the vampire world and Akira is a teen that is driven to protect her after a chance meeting in the school yard but due to amnesia he doesn’t know why. As the story progresses parts of his memory come back and he learns that he is part of a werewolf clan that has sworn to protect Mina’s vampire clan. Akira has a special bond with Mina that is different from the other werewolf’s in the fact that he and her are in love. A forbidden love at that!

This part is a little um, yeah, creepy. She is in the body of a 12 year old girl but is really like hundreds of years old and most definitely talks like it which makes it a bit more creepy to hear some little girl talk about killing people, sex and running the vampire world. Add in her running around Akira naked and making advances whenever she can like sleeping in his bed makes you wanna go ewww. Akria is maybe 16/17 so when they are having their moments it really makes you wanna yak.

The reason behind her being in a young body is explained towards the end and also sheds some light on the reason why her and Akria’s love is forbidden. She along with 3 vampire men are considered the last true bloods. Her being the last female is supposed to take one of the nobles as her mate/husband to produce offspring and continue the line blah blah blah. This whole part is kinda like waaaaaay back in the day when women were considered really to marry and breed when aunt flow comes for the first time. This is why the 12 year old body. Every ten years she under goes a ‘inspection’ by some nasty creepy old hag in front of the other men to see if she is ‘ready’ and if she is she must pick one of them. I seriously wanted to reach through the TV and smack the crap out of the dudes and that old hag.

Back on topic. The second part of the story is that Mina wants to create a Vampire Bund (an island that only vampires can enter and exit) off the coast of Japan to one, create a place for vampires to live together in peace and two, to be close to Akira. Some people and vampires are against this and think that vampires should just rule the world. This causes a small war around the Bund and gives the nobles a chance to challenge Mina and her plans. Also they know about her relationship with Akira and challenge her on not picking a mate out of one of them. Hence the ‘inspection’.

Through the usual trials and tribulations, fights, payoffs (to the Japanese government), love triangles and vampire like things, Akira and Mina fight through it all to be together (at least for the time being). Awwwww! The ending was a bit sappy for me and it was another one of the ‘felt rushed to get it all crammed into 12 episodes’ shows but, overall it was good!

*On a small side note. The only dancing that was in this that I can remember was in like the last 5 minutes of the last episode. I am sure that there was more to the whole dancing part in the manga but as a general rule if I watch an anime I cant read the manga cause I will get pissed that stuff was changed or left out. If I read a manga I don’t really watch the anime for the same reason. Only a few are an exception to this like Beet the Vandal Buster or Tenma the Letter Bee.

Fairy Tale

24 Oct

Air Dates: October 12, 2009 – ongoing

Episodes: 102

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Magical

My Rating: ***** (5:5 stars) [might change as the shows continues to air]

Have to start of with I’m a sucker for magical animes!!! That in its self gives it 2 stars to start! Just watched the first couple of DUB’ed streamed episodes this week and I LOVE it!

Story line so far is your basic magical anime where magic is part of everyday life. There are guilds across the land that house magicians that work on their craft, find posted jobs that require magicians and just have a place to call home and hang out. The top guild that everyone wants to be in, especially one the main characters Lucy (who is a celestial wizard), is of course Fairy Tale. On her way to the guild she runs into trouble in a small town which leads her to the other main character,  Natsu, with his talking cat happy. As the story progress in the first two episodes she finds out Natsu is not only a member of Fairy Tale and her ticket in but, he is also a powerful fire magic user.

The third and fourth episode finally has the two of them teamed up and headed off to their first ‘mission/job’. Like any other magical anime there is plenty of antics that abound with each and every thing that happens. Also Lucy is a bit…high strung. Ok more than a little, a lot. Happy the talking cat is well, a talking cat. Natsu is a little coo-coo for coca puffs at times but generally not as annoying as you would think.

Definitely looking forward to see how this plays out!


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