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20 Oct
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Last Exile-Fam, The Silver Wing

20 Oct

Air Dates: Premiered in October 2011

Episodes: 26

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Steampunk

My Rating: *** (3:5 stars) [might change as the shows continues to air]

Just watched the first streamed episode on Not bad! Crazy odd though that none of the main characters from Last Exile are in this except for Dio. I really do not get it since the story line and everything are different. Heck I even think this is a different world which makes it even more confusing. Oh well. Guess I will see how this plays out…

Basically what I am getting from this is that one arc is about these people who are like pirates and follow a rule of first to harpoon a (ship) calls the shots on the battle. Second arc is about these princess sisters and some sort of sacred lake. The Ades Federation and Kingdom of Turan are set to declare peace over this lake but the Ades decides to declare war much to the surprise of  the Turan. Big air fight, tricks are played and the princess are (saved) by the pirates.

Interested in seeing how this plays out and I hope to god that they explain Dio’s presence.

Kaleido Star

20 Oct

Air Dates: 4 April 2003 – 27 March 2004

Episodes: 51

Genre: Fantasy, Shojo, Slice-of-Life

My Rating: **** (4:5 stars)

Funny anime that doesn’t get too boring. It always finds a way to entertain. Story to sum it up is based around a girl, Sora,  that travels from Japan to the US to try to audition to be part of the Kaleido Stage.  Through a set of ups, downs and a few accidents, she makes it into a small minor role but is not loved by her co-workers. Go figure. As the story progresses so does her skills in acrobatics and her relationships with the cast. Eventually she is in a place to compete for a starring role against her biggest competition and rival. The competition seals her fate at a promising star and gains the respect of her biggest rival, Layla.

Second season leads off with Sora in lead but lo and behold now that things are going good for her, the stage is now falling apart. More trials and tribulations lead to cat fights, leads fighting, lying and whatnot. You know the usually drama that follows a group of people who all think that they are the best and how dare you tell them otherwise and they will do everything to prove that they are…

I really do feel bad for the girls though then have to go through a boot camp to train for a big showcase in the first season. Crazy insane! Bad part in both seasons is there is a bit too much whining at time from some of the background characters that make you just want to reach through the screen and slap the living daylights out of them to make them shut the damn hell up.


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